This website is a retrospective about me and a way for me to update my fans and friends about my NEW activities                                     "The Robin Stewart Project"

23 July 2010

In conjunction with Brian Bigg who was responsible for Big Brother, I am now involved with a creative think-tank

 group that I have initiated called the Robin Stewart Project. People involved in the Project include: Tara Brown,

 Chris O’Reilly, Tony Gordon, Steve James, Martin Bedford from Bedford & Pearce Management and the Hersons

 Communications/ Enviro Survival team of Andrew Herden, Lee Furlong, and Michele Herson. 

I have appointed Lee Furlong as my official biographer, mentor and webmaster. He is accumulating and cataloging old data, news clippings and many hundreds of photographs I have dumped upon him for archival purposes and for use as content on this website and in a series of new websites yet to come. Although it is likely possibly I am best known for comedy I have trod the stage in the West End, New York, Toronto, Boston, Chicago and Sydney to name a few and featured in many movies and television series and live TV productions.

 26 May 2011 - update. Regrettably Lee Furlong has, owing to ill-health had to retire as biographer. He will continue webmaster activities for additions/edits when needed.

 1st NOV 2010


      It gives me GREAT pleasure to announce the formation of a new group to be known as the 


During my long acting career I have performed on the stage, screen and television in the whole gamut of roles from  comedy to light entertainment to drama. However what my fans may not know is that I have worn other career hats in the entertainment fields and in equestrian circles. 

The 'Company' will encompass the announced projects below, provide management of the designated projects, conduct the marketing of the project in-hand and yet to come and will manage public relations for me. My public appearances will be managed by the Robin Stewart Production Company (RSPC Joint Venture). See my contact page for how to contact RSPC Joint Venture).

The Robin Stewart Project continues as myself and my biographer to drive the future directions I wish to engage in a lifestyle in keeping with my abilities.


My Pending Projects Include

Media: The new website is UP (a work in progress). The website is to convey to the public my return to public life. It contains my professional resume, archive photographs, my horses, friends and family. As we build the content on the website we will reproduce selected press announcements, special movie features, video clips, audio files, readers comments (including questions to me as well as suggestions) and interviews concerning my future activities. (The website is dynamic and always expanding and being edited). In the sections entitled 'Life Resume' my biographer has been faithful to what I have dictated.

Building a Digital library:  Tara Brown the Equine artist and interviewer has conducted in-depth  interviews which

 encompassed the many facets of my life. This interview has helped establish a new digital library that we are rapidly

 building up. Two photo shoots have been completed (with and with out horses) yielding thousands of still

 photographs and video for our new library.

The Proposed television Series:

Pilots for a new television series are being conceived and prepared. 

The provisional names for these series include;

From the Rails  (meaning the show ring railings viewing and interviewing persons involved in all Horse Sports)

Robin Stewart Interviews (notable friends and colleagues both in the acting and equestrian professions) 

Horses and Their Owners, 

Horses, Homes & Wine, 

Cattle, Homes & Beer, 

So What Do You Want to Be, (and educational look at possibilities available to today youth)

Horse Sport - to include, all facets of the equine world

The Outback from a Nannies Point of View, ( to promote the UK and Australia with a series that would give us a personal vision of the outback from an English nannies point of view 

A New Situation Comedy. (unapologically plagiarising all the old comedy formats that used to, and still do make us laugh but set in a modern situation). 


As a means of remaining sane amid all the activity listed above, I continue to carry on my involvement with my favourite Arabian Lines carrying the El Shaklan and and Anaza El Nazir heritage. I derive extreme pleasure from breeding Arabian horses. I also continue to write my autobiography and several other books – quite a busy life for a self confessed reclusive hermit.  

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